Royal Menu Discus-Siner XL 1000 ml/400g

319,00 kr

2 i lager



XS: upp till 2 cm

S: 2-4 cm

M: 4-9 cm

L: 9-15 cm

XL: 15 cm+

ROYAL MENU granules are designed primarily for discus and other demanding fish but are suitable for most kinds of fish. ROYAL MENU program target all nutritional requirements of demanding fish, even picky fish will find it dificult to resist. Granules have a professional unique formulation containing mixture of medical herbs, Chia seed oil, Chiitake mushroom, algae Chlorella and Spirulina, prebiotics, probiotics and other special ingredients. Finest top quality ingredients. Feed comes in 5 sizes from XS ( from the 10th day of life of spawn ) to S,M,L,XL for adult fish.